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There are many types of web hosting servers, such as dedicated, shared, reseller and virtual hosting servers. Although most of them look almost the same, there are differences in features and services that you need to consider before selecting a web hosting service. For example, some of the providers that offer dedicated server would require you to purchase a whole server with its own operating system, while others would only charge you for the space you use. In this article, I am going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of hosting servers, and suggest the type of web hosting service you should get.

Dedicated hosting servers are usually bought by an individual or a company that needs their own web space and database. Shared hosting servers would usually be the choice of small business owners and individuals who do not need so much server space for their website. Reseller hosting servers are often used by companies who want to provide more space on their server but do not have the finances to buy their own. They rent the whole server space, which means they will share the cost with other clients. Virtual hosting is another option available, where a website serves the users with a virtual address, and does not have any effect on the actual website.

There are several options available in the cloud vps hosting technology, such as Dedicated, Managed, Cloud, Grid, clustered, virtualization and colocation. With managed cloud hosting, you get to enjoy several benefits including guaranteed service level agreement (SLA), active customer support, guaranteed uptime, hardware upgrades and virus protection. With dedicated cloud servers, you have complete control over your websites, and can choose to pay for the amount of server space you use, or to pay an annual maintenance fee. With managed dedicated servers, you would be able to create multiple sites, customize the website and add third-party applications.

Some popular web hosting providers include Hostinger, Bluehost, Godaddy, My SQL-hosting and WordPress Hosting. All these hosting providers offer various features and facilities like free domain names, shared hosting, MySQL, PHP, FTP access, Java development platform, image source etc. The most common feature that these hosting service providers offer is the use of WordPress – a blogging platform that provides plug-ins and unlimited themes support. With the help of WordPress, your website can be customized and the number of pages can be increased without any limitations. The images can also be included in the website without any restrictions.

The two basic types of hosting services that you can choose include the unmanaged and the managed hosting services. In the unmanaged hosting service, you will need to hire an administrator who will perform all the tasks related to the management of the website. You can choose a dedicated server for this purpose, as the administrator will be responsible for all aspects like email, domain name, FTP, Java script etc. on the server. However, the performance of such server is less reliable than the collocation hosting services. For the same reason, it is recommended to go for collocation hosting services.

On the other hand, the dedicated hosting options are more secure and reliable as the administrator has complete control over the server. This gives ample security to the websites. Besides, it can also be used for large websites that require high bandwidth and web space. While choosing a dedicated hosting option, make sure that the provider offers adequate customer support so that the problems can be addressed quickly. To get maximum benefits, it is recommendable to choose the option that offers both quality service and good price.

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