How Long Does a Turtle Live?


If you’re considering purchasing a new pet turtle, it’s important to know how long does a turtle live. Although you probably aren’t going to be an involved owner of the turtle for many years, you need to know what the life expectancy is. Being able to have a little conversation about this beforehand can make your decision much easier. You can get more information about lifespan of a turtle

The lifespan of turtles can vary greatly depending on the species of turtle you choose. For instance, Cretaceous river turtles can live up to 80 years, but they are typically around eight years old when they’re first born. They will generally slow down a bit as they grow older, but some will even outlast their owners! Life spans for these aren’t terribly long, so if you’re not planning on keeping your turtle for more than a few years, it’s probably best to purchase one already-matured. Once purchased, you can expect that your turtle will live for up to three to five years.

Turtles aren’t notorious for dying too quickly either. They generally live anywhere from five to thirty years when you give them good care and make sure you feed them the right kind of food, though some can live even longer! It’s also a good idea to avoid stressors that might cause stress in your turtle, such as too much water or too little food. Turtles are very sensitive creatures and can quickly learn to be uncomfortable with just about anything.

In the wild, they can usually stay alive for forty years or more, and they’ll often reproduce well in this time period. Unfortunately, captivity doesn’t offer a long life span. They will usually begin to deteriorate after just two years of captivity, and they may die after a third year. They will, however, always be around your family and be happy to interact with you. Some may even live as long as a decade in captivity!

Turtles are excellent divers, capable of living both in and out of water. However, you’ll need to know how to handle your turtle if you want it to go snorkeling or to get into the water to eat air. It will take some effort to get your turtle to go into the water on its own, and it can be quite messy as well. Be patient, however, as your turtle will eventually get used to being in the water and you’ll need less intervention to get it to swim and breathe in it’s own air.

When it comes to feeding, your turtle will only eat meat or vegetables for a short period of time. It will then head back to its shell house to eat the bulk of its food. This is called molting, and while it’s not a common part of the aging process, you’ll definitely want to see your turtle at the right age! For those who like to have their turtles as pets, an important aspect to remember is that they grow and change rapidly throughout their lives, becoming larger and smaller over time. So, if you want the best advice when it comes to how long does a turtle live, you should probably consider getting a pet!

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