Organize Toys In A Flash With RV Toy Storage


RV Super Toys storage is the perfect RV s storage facility. Fully enclosed unit provides safety, security, and convenience. climate-controlled, indoor storage provides the ultimate home for your valued possessions. 24-hour access, remote control access, and video surveillance system ensure that your prized possessions are always safe, yet just as accessible to you as they are to the rest of us.

The entire structure is comprised of high quality galvanized steel frame with welded design and powder coated finish. It comes with side and rear storage compartments designed to hold your treasured toys. Sectional doors are provided on both the front and rear section to make access easier. In addition to storage, the unit includes a full size pop up attic, a pull out ratchet caddy, and side by side bench storage for your outdoor items. The overall dimensions is 6 feet wide, long, and tall, fitting perfectly in the front, rear, or middle section of your RV.

The front part holds up to 19-inch toys. Rear storage section can accommodate other toys, accessories, or personal items. The basket shelves are removable and can hold hanging toys or smaller objects. The organizer also includes tie-down straps and a hook for hanging. If you prefer to carry the toys in your hand, organizer comes with one-half barrel storage bin for that purpose.

Your toys are safely stored in this innovative and functional rv toy storage solution. It is space saving and keeps everything organized and neatly organized. There is no need to get another box just to store the toys. All the accessories, cords, toys, and other accessories are securely held in one box. Your kids can play and explore all the time without worrying about their toys getting damaged, or worse yet, never coming back.

To keep things in place, you can utilize the included adjustable U-shaped storage pulleys to lock in the storage solution at the front or rear section of your motor home. You can easily raise or lower the storage bins depending on how high you want the unit to be. The adjustable locks provide a firm storage foundation for the different sizes of toys. The top and bottom section of the unit have attached storage pockets where you can store folded items like books and magazines.

Made from strong and durable nylon fabric, the organizer can easily withstand heavy loads. The organizers have recessed nylon webbing shoulder straps for easy carrying. They are designed using cutting edge technology in order to maximize your storage and organizing possibilities. You can find many color and pattern options available in the RV toy storage line.

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