Why Children Play Online Games


Online gemparqq games are a great way to pass time, compete with friends, or challenge one’s mind. These games can be played by using a personal computer and Internet connection. Online games include card, board, word, arcade, racing, puzzle, card game, and many more.

China has become a popular place for gamers. In fact, video game addiction has become a serious issue in the country. The rapid growth of the Chinese Internet makes it accessible to virtually everyone who wants to play. Internet cafes dotting China are an exciting new venue for Chinese gamers. They have to be one with the fast pace of life in China. However, going online and playing games can be dangerous for some gamers.

In a recent case, in the city of Hangzhou, authorities discovered a group of young men playing online games such as “ODF Farming”, “My Time with Hobbes” and “Droid Virtual Environment”. A 21-year-old unemployed man from the outskirts of the Chinese capital had rented a computer and was playing with seven other members from his local house party. The house party was being organized by his friends, and he and other members would frequent the Internet cafe there. One evening, he was surprised by his roommates when they suddenly started playing online games, drinking alcohol and having a good time.

Authorities learned that the man rented online games and alcohol because he did not have enough money to play on his PC. After his arrest, his friends told the authorities that he was only playing “household games”. Authorities found more than two hundred files containing sexually suggestive material. This case is yet another example of why children play with in-game items and engage in inappropriate behavior. It is easy to encourage young people to gamble and exchange nude images online.

Children play games online not only to spend leisure time but also for the thrill of competition. There are numerous online games incorporating complex graphics that require large graphics card and an excellent internet connection. There are several types of online video games that are available in the form of games and application software downloaded from the internet onto personal computers and handheld gaming consoles. In addition, people play games using webcams. Children may be exposed to images that they will find offensive.

There are several features that must be considered when dealing with young people who access websites with video games. Parents need to supervise where children play online, particularly when they are under the age of thirteen. The parents can make use of parental controls to block content that is inappropriate. Moreover, parents should monitor the time that young people spend on gaming sites and online video chat rooms.

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