Diamond Knowledge and Certification


It is always useful to have some Diamond 鑽石淨度 knowledge. You never know when a girl will ask you for the size of her engagement ring, or how much she is worth. There are some people who may try to take advantage of this but the vast majority of people would never be able to know the value of the diamond without knowing about its grading. Even though there are several grading systems in use today, most people still do not understand diamond terminology and how it is used.

The most important diamond knowledge is to know the meaning of all the terms that are used in the grading of diamonds. A diamond’s carat weight and clarity are the most common factors that people are aware of. However, other important terms are also used such as the cut, which is the term used to describe the shape of the diamond and its position on the diamond’s surface. Clarity is also a factor to consider as the greater the clarity, the higher the carat weight of the diamond.

It is also helpful to have a good Diamond knowledge because when you are buying rough diamonds, knowing some details about each unit helps make your selection easier. For example, the majority of consumers prefer diamonds with colorless clarity because they are cheaper. Although colorless diamonds are rare and quite valuable, they are also more difficult to locate. Because of this reason, the price of colorless diamonds is usually higher. But if you are looking for a colorless diamond, having a good Diamond knowledge will help you find the right colorless diamond at a lower cost.

Another important diamond knowledge is that of the four C’s – cut, color, clarity and carat. These are the four most important grades that are used to rate diamonds. A diamond’s cut determines its shape and also its ability to reflect light. Most diamonds are graded in a particular cut; however, some diamonds are graded according to a combination of cuts. In addition, color grade refers to the purity of the diamond and can range from colorless to yellow, white, or rose.

Clarity refers to the purity of the diamond and is determined by its surface, polish, and crown. It is also affected by the number of flawless parts and by the level of impurity. Colorless diamonds are said to be the most flawless and are almost colorless. Carat weight is a measurement of weight and is a standard way of measuring the amount of diamond crystals that are included in a diamond’s weight. There are three main categories of diamond carats; princess, emerald, and marquise. Knowing these basics on diamonds will help you choose the perfect diamond for your needs.

Having a Diamond knowledge is very important before purchasing any kind of diamond jewelry or diamond certification. It will help you understand the different grading systems available to you. If you want a specific diamond type, then it is better to go to a diamond specialist store where you can get specialized services. It is important that you only choose certified diamonds because certified diamonds have a higher value and usually, higher grade. A diamond certificate, which is a photographic document that shows the clarity, carat weight, cut, color, and shape of the diamond has to be accompanied with a grading report.

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