Is Teen Boys Really Tired of Playing Online Games?

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Online video games refer to a number of computer games that can be played online. These games have become increasingly popular over the years as more people began to play these games through their personal computers. One of the most popular genres of online games are role-playing games. In role-playing games you usually have to play a character that you are given full control of. For example, in Final Fantasy each character has a set of abilities and weapons which are then used to fight against the various enemies. The player has to use these tools effectively to overcome each battle. Visit for more information.

A good majority of teens today spend a lot of time playing networked games online. With this in mind it is no surprise that many teens are spending a large amount of their time in front of their computer. Most parents are not aware of how much time their teens are spending online. When they finally discover that their children are spending hours at computer monitors they often get very upset.

It should be fairly obvious that boys enjoy playing video games more than girls do. Boys spend an average of six hours per week playing video games. However, the number of hours that young boys spend playing online does vary greatly. While boys do play video games, boys also play some console games like Guitar Hero.

While it is obvious that there are more girls playing video games, the real question is why there are more boys playing them? In most cases it is simple; boys focus groups prefer to play video games that require more skill than that of casual gamers. This means that the games that focus groups play tend to be more skill based. It is no wonder that the top games on the internet are mostly focused on skill.

Another interesting trend is that more teens and younger boys are playing games with friends who are younger than them. Many younger boys and girls like to play games with their friends who are younger than them. With this being said, it is becoming increasingly common for older teens to play games with their friends who are much older than they are. This suggests that teens and younger boys are not showing any sign of diminishing interest in video games.

Overall, most teens report that they like playing video games. However, it seems that boys are not completely sold on the idea of gaming. Only twenty-four percent of teen boys say that they have ever played a game that required a strategy to win. Most teens report that the gaming systems they use do not affect the type of game that they play.

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