Tips to Extend the Life of Your Samsung Phones

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The new Galaxy S is one of the most impressive handsets on the market and Samsung has really put their weight into the development of it. With features such as a user interface which allows you to use your phone without having to use your finger, the S is truly the smartphone for the masses. However, if you want to extend the life of your Samsung Galaxy S and make sure that you never have any problems with charging your phone, then you should follow some of these tips. Visit INR18650-30Q for more information.

One of the biggest causes of battery failure is the way in which you charge your phone. You should always charge your phone using the laptop adapter or a high-powered USB cord. As soon as you have plugged your phone in, ensure that the screen is off. If you leave the screen on, this can cause a surge in power that can lead to a short life of your battery. This is also a problem with devices which work via Bluetooth – you will find that Bluetooth devices will often drain your battery even faster than a standard device.

When you are using your Samsung Galaxy S, make sure that you do not leave your charging cable or any other accessories plugged into it on standby. These can draw too much juice from your battery and you could end up with a dead battery. When you are taking your phone out of the bag or pocket to charge, ensure that you remove all accessories from the charging port. This can help prevent damage to the battery and allow it to charge more quickly.

If you do keep your Samsung Galaxy S plugged in and working, you should remove the battery manually every night before you go to bed. This can be a bit time consuming but is essential in extending the life of your battery. On some devices, this can be difficult to do because the battery does not seem to shut down until you let it. However, if you do not allow the battery to die when you are sleeping then this can actually prevent your phone from lasting very long.

Another way to extend the life of your battery is to avoid using the phone under stress. Whenever possible, turn off the screen and use the volume controls to limit how much you are texting or using the camera. The stress of the moment can drain your battery, so limiting these activities can help it last a little bit longer. Additionally, if you are constantly downloading something or watching a lot of YouTube videos, you should be sure that you are not using your phone under these conditions. You may need to increase the memory of the internal memory on your phone if you constantly download a lot of videos or games. This can help it last a little bit longer when you are not using it.

One other simple step you can take to extend the life of your battery is to always ensure that you charge your phone completely. It is often difficult to tell when your battery is not fully charged, but you will know when it is not when you notice that your phone is losing power slowly. After the battery has lost power, you should put the phone in sleep mode and let it charge the battery fully before you turn it back on again. Following these steps can help you save a great deal of battery life, especially when you are using the phone for an extended period of time.

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